I’m Signed Up – Now What?

Signing up for a gym membership is a great preliminary step in making fitness a part of your life. Some of us feel like we’re active by virtue of simply carrying around our gym membership each day. Learn how to put that gym membership to work!

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Spending Tips For The Holidays!

A budget is a spending plan. It is a form of self-developed protection that will allow you to live comfortably within your income. Start a spending plan for yourself today.

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It’s Not About the Win, It’s About the Challenge

How does one woman go from never running to competing in a 15K? Check out Meghan’s story of overcoming obstacles to success!

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Every Step Counts!

Increasing your daily steps can give you more energy, less stress and better weight management. Walk your way healthy with Shannon Miller Lifestyle.

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Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Along with improving our physical well-being, exercise can also help us improve the psychological aspects of our lives.

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