Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #2!

We continue on with the second part of our ten part weight loss series from nationally renowned author and speak, Susan Smith Jones, PhD. These simple, yet important tips can help you lose weight and keep it off by creating a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy day in and day out!

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Tricks of the (Grocery) Trade

Do you ever feel like there might be a more strategic way of navigating through your local grocery store? Even more important, do you feel like you can stock your kitchen with healthier items?

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Weight Loss Made Easy….Really!!

Of course, we’re all focused on weight loss after the holidays, so we are sharing Susan’s top 10 power strategies to achieve permanent weight loss. Make sure to check back each week for the next tip to a healthy weightloss.

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Magical Weight Loss

Does that sound about as phony to you as it does to me? Why, then, is it so easy for us to fall into that trap where we believe that some diets can work like magic? We’ve all done it.

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Feeling a Little Puffy?

It’s never fun to feel puffy or bloated. Check out these ways to prevent the bloat!

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