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Diabetes SUPERfoods!

Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes and 5.7 million of those are undiagnosed. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, check out these superfoods from the ADA to include in your diet. If not, these are still SUPER foods that can help you stay fit and healthy!

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Could You Have Pre-Diabetes?

Those with pre-diabetes are likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years, unless they take steps to prevent or delay diabetes. The results of the Diabetes Prevention Program showed that modest weight loss and regular exercise can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

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Stressed & Tired? 9 Beauty Tips to Help You Look Your Best

Whether the beginning of September marks a new school year (for you or your kids), Fashion Week or just the end of summer, there is something about the passing of Labor Day weekend that leaves all of us a bit overwhelmed and, need we say, over tired.

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Breast Cancer: Know Your Risk

Thank you to our wonderful guests, Dr. Kenneth Jones (St. Vincent’s Medical Center), Lisa Feagin (Amercian Cancer Society) and Tamara Krouse (Susan G Komen) on Shannon Miller Lifestyle Radio this Sunday morning. Check out the great events coming up in Jacksonville and learn the ways you can practice early detection.

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Keep Safe While Out And About

All across the country women are walking, running and biking their way to a healthy lifestyle. We want to make sure that we keep safe while doing these activities. There are a few things we need to remember when we are out and about running errands or exercising.

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