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Pork With Root Vegetable

Chef Tom Gray joined us for our fitness and nutrition segment on Shannon Miller Lifestyle Radio this morning. We discussed good nutrition for ourselves as well as our children. We also talked about great food. Create this delicious meal at home or save the time by booking at table at Bistro Aix!

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Schedule Now! Important Health Screenings

We all make excuses when it comes time for our annual doctor’s appointments. No time, I feel fine, it can wait. But health maintenance is critical to your health. You must make[…..]

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Be Alert, Stay Alive! Parking Lot Safety

All across the nation parking lots are high crime areas. We are especially vulnerable because we tend to be focused on other things, so stay aware and alert.

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Get the 411 on Trauma

You don’t have to be physically assaulted to need help after a traumatic event. The invasion of privacy you feel from a break in, even when you are not home can be debilitating.

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Maintaining Self Love

We all want that magic carpet ride to serenity, calmness, and peace. When the tide rolls out and adversity strikes in the form of a divorce, illness, or financial hardship, what happens to the feeling of self love?

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