Health & Nutrition

Demystify Whole Grains

We always here about “whole” grain and how important it is to our diet. However, the idea of whole grains can be somewhat intimidating. How do we know if we’re eating whole grains and exactly what foods should we be including in our diets?

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Promote Healthy Nutrition At School

As the our kids head back to school we want to keep them healthy and safe. It’s important that children maintain good nutrition during the school year to fuel their bodies for countless activities. Here are some steps you can take to improve your schools nutrition environment.

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Keep Safe In The Summer Sun

1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Be proactive and protect your skin with these helpful hints.

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Keeping Up Without Burning Out

Are you showing signs of burnout? Learn how to stay balanced and healthy!

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Firework Safety

We are all concerned about keeping our children safe during the holiday weekend. Here are some good safety tips for preventing sparkler injuries to young children, from the National Council on Fireworks Safety:

* Children under the age of 12 shouldn’t use sparklers without VERY CLOSE adult supervision
* Always remain standing while using sparklers

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