Keeping Your Little Ones Active

Remember, your children follow your lead. If you show them that fitness is important and can also be fun, they’re likely to carry this with them throughout life.

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Keep Your Munchkins Close Even When You’re “On The Go”

As much as we’d like to be with our children 24/7 it’s simply not possible. Find ways to use technology to stay connected with your children!

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Making Thanksgiving Fun for Everyone

No matter what your family traditions are, make HAVING FUN one of them this holiday season!

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Is That Baby Fat?

Healthy eating habits start at home. We all want our children to eat healthy and stay healthy. Learn how to help your kids stay healthy with these tips!

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School’s Out: Can I Have a Snack, Mom?

Check out these great tips to keep your children fueled after the get home from a hard day at….school!

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