Every Step Counts!

Author: Shannon Miller

SML Pedometer.

Did you get your pedometer yet?

Shannon Miller Lifestyle has been handing out thousands of pedometers

at events like the Susan G Koman Health and Fitness Expo and the Southern Women’s Show to promote Shannon Miller’s Walk-Fit Program that will launch January 2011.

Walking is a great way to lose weight—and keep it off.

It is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of exercise. Wearing a pedometer helps you focus on the number of steps you are taking each day. Increasing your daily steps can give you more energy, less stress, better weight management and decreases your chance of developing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

As a participant of Shannon Miller’s Walk-Fit Program,

  • you can log your steps online each day (tracked by your personal pedometer)
  • and receive health and fitness tips and incentives while losing weight and focusing on your health.

The great thing about walking is that we all do it every day so it is easy to make more room for it in our daily activities.  Here are some easy ways to add steps to your day:

  • Park further away.  Instead of driving for an extra 5 minutes to find a parking space 10 feet closer to the door, park further away so you can log more steps.
  • Woman climbing stairs for exercise.Nix the elevator.  When possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. The incline will give your walk a boost and burn more calories!
  • I’ll take a chicken salad sandwich with a side of walking.  Get out of the office for your lunch break and take a walk.  This will allow you to get some exercise in and clear your head, so you can finish your day at full capacity.
  • Walk to get the mail.  If you live in a condominium or apartment complex, walk to get the mail instead of driving.
  • Afternoon pick-up.  If you have elementary school kids, you could walk to pick them up from the bus stop. This is also a way to set a great example for them!
TIP:  Keep logging on to ShannonMillerLifestyle.com for more information about the Shannon’s Walk-Fit Program coming January 2011!
Another TIP: Visit the SML booth at 8am on November 6th for Step Out: Walk To Fight Diabetes at the Jacksonville Zoo.

Remember, every step counts!

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