It’s All About Balance

Author: Shannon Miller

Side Plank Exercise

To start or end your day right, try doing some exercises that focus on balance.

Good balance exercises will leave you feeling relaxed and centered.

Whether you’re listening to music or just enjoying the silence, doing these exercises is a great way to collect your thoughts.  They also have the added benefits of helping you work on strength and flexibility.

Check out these good balance exercises:

Tree exerciseTree

  1. Keeping bottom leg engaged, move your left heel to the inside of your right thigh.
  2. Maintain a soft knee on the bottom leg, pushing through the heel.
  3. Keep your body perfectly straight, engaging your core and broadening your chest.  Think of lifting upward with your entire body.
  4. Choose your own arm position.  Try a prayer position or straight above your head.  Gaze forward.

Dancer ExerciseDancer

  1. Shift weight to your left leg.  Take your right foot in your right hand behind you, as if doing a quadriceps stretch.
  2. Move your left arm to horizontal, palm facing down, fingers stretched.
  3. Lean upper body forward to a 45 degree angle, bringing your back leg up behind you.
  4. Keep eyes focused directly in front of you.


Side plank exerciseSide Plank

  1. From a push up position bring your feet together.
  2. Keep left hand on floor slowly pulling right hand to sky.  Shoulder is stacked directly above wrist forming a straight line from wrist through shoulders to other wrist.
  3. Stack your upper hip directly above your lower hip.  You want to remain completely aligned, as if between 2 walls.
  4. Gaze toward palm of raised hand or straight forward.

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