Journal Your Way to Better Fitness

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Starting an exercise journal may be just the motivation you need to start up and stick to an exercise program. Being able to write down and see your results can be rewarding and help you stick to it!

Journaling your exercise regime is a good way to record your feelings as well and can help you recognize stressful or unhealthy habits that need to be broken.

Let’s take a look at 10 good reasons for you to start an exercise journal and get into a healthier and more fit lifestyle. 

  1. Journaling means you actually have to write down your goals which helps you better visualize your future outcome.
  2. Start off with journaling about your feelings with exercise so you can go ahead express any concerns or issues you might have.
  3. Journal helps you see your progress or lack of it and can better help you adjust with things like time management or any health issues you are having.
  4. Keeping a journal plainly and simply helps you to keep the facts straight.
  5. Journaling helps you keep track of how much you are actually exercising. Hours, days, times etc…
  6. Starting an exercise journal will help you accurately record how long you are working out and help you determine is it too much or not enough?
  7. Starting a journal is a perfect place to write your emotions about how the exercise program feels, before, during and after. It gives you a chance to speak your mind .
  8. You can write about the pros and cons of your exercising and weather it is feeling right to you.
  9. Journaling allows you to write down how your body is actually feeling before, during and after exercising and if you are experiencing any different aches or pains.
  10. Writing in your journal can help better prepare you mentally for your daily exercise. 

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