Just Google It!

Author: Shannon Miller

Living in a world where answers to questions can be obtained by “Googling it” and finding out about an acquaintance is as easy as typing their name into the search box on Facebook, it is no wonder that we have become so accustomed to instant gratification.

Google Search Engine Logo.“Just Google It” comes long after the phrase “Good things come to those who wait”.  It’s natural to want results sooner rather than later. As a gymnast, I would get frustrated to the point of tears when I couldn’t get a skill perfect in the first couple of tries. However, when I look back over my career, I realize Olympic Gold took over 14 years to achieve!

The idea of instant gratification is one reason making exercise a part of our weekly routine is so difficult.

We want to lose weight, be tone, or be able to run 5 miles right away; when we realize it won’t happen overnight, we get discouraged and we may even quit.  Fortunately, leading a healthy lifestyle can be achieved through simple steps that add up each day to equal:

  • more strength and endurance,
  • lower blood sugar,
  • less stress,
  • better sleep,
  • improved energy throughout the day
  • and the list goes on and on.

Of course a slimmer waistline and toned tush aren’t a bad side effect either!

And even Google can’t explain how great you will feel after making such a life change like sticking to an exercise plan!

According to the American Diabetes Association, eight steps can be followed in order to carry through with a plan for change (exercise or otherwise); these steps involve identifying the following:

  1. What change do I want to make? (i.e. I want to lose the baby weight….now that my daughter is 18 yrs old!)
  2. Why do I want to make this change? (i.e. I want to fit into my LBD and have more energy during the day.)
  3. Why haven’t I made this change in the past? (i.e. Too busy.)
  4. How can I work around the problems mentioned above? (i.e. By exercising the same time every day/week; perhaps this way it will become part of my routine and won’t be so easily replaced by other things that need to get done).
  5. Have a plan. What will I do and when will I do it? (i.e. I will take a walk each morning before I do anything on my almighty To-Do list – and while my husband can be with the kids. Or we can both go and put the kids in the stroller!)
  6. What do I need to get ready to make this change? (i.e. I need a good pair of walking shoes and cute pink running shorts for motivation.)
  7. What might get in the way of making this change? (i.e. Wanting too much too soon and having a hard time realizing that it is OK to take time to do something for myself. I deserve that the time to myself and it will help me stay healthy so that I can be there for my family and friends.)
  8. How will I reward myself? (i.e. I will reward myself a cute warm up suit or maybe a new LBD!)
TIP: Every step might not be easy, but they are all worth the effort!
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