Stay Active And Out Of The Heat

Author: Shannon Miller

Stay out of the heat while staying in shape. Check out these fun ways to get fit with indoor activities.

  • Rock Climbing:

–  The Edge Rock Gym – phone:  904-683-2512   Located at: 3563 Phillips Hwy Suite 702

  • The Jedi workout:

Use a ‘broom’ saber :

  • High Heel workout:

  • The 80’s workout:

Do it at home, grab a copy of “Footloose” or “Dirty Dancing” and start dancing

  • Indo Board workout:

You can pick up an Indo board at your local surf shop.  They run around $100.  workouts on the website

  • Jump Rope:

you can purchase workout jump ropes (punk ropes) and find DVD workouts at

  • Laura Croft Tomb Raider- Street Fighter workout:
You can get a street fighter workout DVD online for $20-30.

  • Belly Dancing:

Offered at Extreme Dance Studio in Jacksonville

  • Family jumping rope.Dance Fit:

Studio in Jacksonville offers a Class called DanceFit and another class for Christians called PraiseFit:

  • Zumba:

Check with your local gym. This is a very popular class offered in many locations, including In Shape Ladies Fitness and Extreme Dance Studio

  • Hip Hop Dance Workout:

Extreme Dance Studio

  • Dance Trance

and other exciting dance workouts.  Dance Trances has two locations. 1515 San Marco Blvd  and 214 Orange Street Neptune Beach, see

  • Spinning and other Cycling Workouts:

offered at  Omvelo Fitness

  • Yoga

is offered at most gyms.

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If you have an idea or know of an interesting fitness activity please share it with us at or comment below.

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