Stay Fit During…Hibernation!

Author: Shannon Miller

Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing dips in temperature right now…and for a while longer.

If your activities revolve around being outside, these temperature changes might force you into “hibernation”.  Of course, staying inside is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you’re not putting your life on hold.

If staying active and fit are important aspects of your life, keep them high on you priority list even when “the weather outside is frightful.”

Here are some great ideas to keep you moving this winter:

  • If you can’t stay away from the water, indoor swimming at a local athletic center might be just the right thing for you!
  • If you’re an avid tennis player but don’t want to where your snow boots to play, try racquet ball for a couple months.
  • Chances are you will not forget how to ride your bike if you don’t do it for a couple months, but if you can’t stay off those wheels – sign up for a spinning class or start riding a stationary bike at the gym.
  • Maybe winter is a time to mix things up a little bit.  Instead of your evening run, try a Yoga or dance class to relax after a long day.
TIP:  If being active is important to you, don’t let cold temperatures keep you down. Whether you stay in, venture to a gym or through a dance party in your living room trying something new helps you break through plateau’s and stay motivated!
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