These Feet Were Made for Walking!

Author: Shannon Miller

Enjoying a healthy walk beside the river.

Not really into running, but want an exercise that you can just pick up and do no matter where you are?  Then put on your walking shoes!

Walking is a versatile type of exercise to take up: you can walk on your own to clear your mind or with your best friend to vent about your stressful day.  Most importantly, you can experience many health benefits.

Check out a few of the many health benefits that walking can provide:

  1. Many women are concerned about a pesky little thing called weightWalking reduces body fat, increases lean muscle tissue, and helps you to burn calories.* Walking could be just the activity you’re looking for to keep up with your New Year’s weightless resolution.
  2. Walking helps keep your body in operation! Studies have shown that 30 minutes of walking per day can help with circulation, as well as aid in keeping your heart and blood vessels in good shape.*
  3. Walking can help keep your body balanced! Walking daily has shown to lower high blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol, and increase good cholesterol.*
  4. Walking helps reduce stress, slows mental decline and helps you sleep.

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* “Health Benefits of Walking Exercise for Women”,  Common Sense Health,  16 Dec 2010.
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