Tis the Season to Be … … Active??

Author: Shannon Miller

There’s something in the air – maybe it’s the holiday spirit!

Perhaps it’s the holiday spirit that we can thank for bringing families together during the holiday season.  People and events/activities seem to be different during this time of the year – brighter, jollier, happier.

Even exercise can be seen through these holiday-spirited lenses!

There are so many holiday-related ways that you and your family can stay active this holiday season…most importantly, you can do it together!  Check out some ideas below:

  • Ice-skating. Get into the rink!  You, your spouse, and your kids (i.e. little ones and teenagers alike) are sure to have fun with this perfect winter activity. Then go for hot chocolate afterward!
  • Backyard family football. Round up the cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters for a hearty game of family football!  It doesn’t matter who wins or loses – the memories will surely be priceless.
  • Family of lumberjacks? Find a place in your area where you and your family can cut down your very own Christmas tree!  Working together on projects like this are a great way to share good times and laughs, while also getting in some physical activity. Add some extra activity by planting a tree in it’s place!
  • Take the stairs. Go shopping at the mall and challenge each other to avoid the escalators and elevators. Get on the stairs and give those legs a workout!
  • Getting tone to the tunes. Turn on some holiday tunes and decorate the house/tree as a family.  In between putting up strands of lights, make up silly dances, and just enjoy each other’s company!
TIP:  The holiday spirit is infectious!  There’s no better way to spread it than by coming together as a family and enjoying each other’s company.
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