When There’s No Time to Make Time

Author: Shannon Miller

It was once said that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Indeed, life never stops.  It is possible to plan things out, but some weeks are more conducive to this than others.  As life rolls, sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Let’s talk EXERCISE.

We do the best we can to make sure we get in our workouts, but some days are just so hectic that it’s simply impossible…or maybe we just have to change our perception of what qualifies as a daily workout. Have you ever had a measly 15 minutes to spare, but instead of really doing anything, you just plop down to watch a television show?

You can use that extra 5 or 10 minutes to squeeze in a little exercise and re-energize your day!

Check out some great ways to utilize those random spurts of time and infuse your day with physical activity that will keep you fit and healthy!

  • Watching TV? Do some stretches. Sitting upright, stretch your legs out in front of you and try to touch your fingers to your toes.  Or, again sitting upright, keep one leg in front of you while pointing the other one out to the side – as if to make an “L.”  Pull your fingers toward your toes.  Find a stretch that works for you in my Stretching To-Go book!
  • Taking the Stairs? The stairs aren’t just for getting you to the second floor of your house anymore!  Use the stairs for exercise by running up and down them.  You could even use a stopwatch and try to beat your time. Tone your tush by taking the stairs two at a time!
  • Have a little time to kill? Get an exercise ball (approximately $20) so it’s convenient to get a top notch Ab workout. Lie with your lower back on the ball for crunches (15-20 repetitions) or put your feet shoulder width apart on the floor, hands shoulder width apart on the ball and hold a plank position for 20-30 seconds. Make sure your back is straight – no arching!
TIP:  Check more great ways to tone your core with my Abs To Go book! Keep the tone going throughout the day by focusing on engaging your core while you run errands.
  • Cooking Dinner? Place your hands on the kitchen counter, leaning into it like you are making a triangle with the floor as the base.  Square your shoulders with your feet.  Proceed by doing a few push-ups. You’ll work your arms and your tummy while you wait for dinner to cook!
  • Brushing Your Teeth? We have to keep our teeth and gums healthy by brushing at least twice a day. You can add some heel raises to your teeth time and work your calves. Stand at the sink with your feet hip width apart. Do 20-30 heel raises – slow and controlled. You calves will burn by the time you hit the mouth wash!
TIP:  We’re all busy, but if you look closely, you can find pockets of time that can be devoted to making YOU feel good at the end of the day!
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