Workin’ 9 ‘til 5…

Author: Shannon Miller

Working from morning until night is a tough task, particularly when this means being stuck at the office.

Is it possible to break up your day in ways that don’t involve meetings and conference calls?  Absolutely!

So, if you feel like the walls of your office are closing in on you some days, check out these tips provided by certified trainer, Jackie Culver, for how to stay fit in that crazy place known as Corporate America!

1.  Get out of your seat and onto your feet!

  • Give your bottom a break and go for a little walk every hour or so. Set a timer to help you remember.
  • Take the stairs whenever possible. If you work in a high rise, get off of the elevator a few floors before your stop and walk the last few flights.
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk! I know you are crunched for time, but it is important to take a break and be mindful of what you are eating. Allow yourself to enjoy your meal and be tuned in to your body’s cues that you are full!
  • Bring some walking shoes to work. Slip them on and go for a short walk during lunch. It will give you a refreshed outlook to face the second half of the day.
  • Want to workout after work? Bring your gym bag to the office. Chances are that if you go home to change, etc., you won’t make it back out again.

2.  Things you can do at your desk:

  • Joint circles: Think wrists, ankles, neck, shoulders…Gently circle or roll to get blood flowing.
  • Heel lifts: While seated (or standing too) lift your heel off of the ground and then lower it back down. Do three sets of 12.
  • Toe Taps: Lift the toe off of the ground then return it to flat footed position. Think of tapping your feet to music! Again do three sets of twelve on each side.
  • Isometric exercises: Squeeze those butt cheeks and hold for thirty seconds. Do the same thing with your stomach. Suck that belly in and hold it! Just be sure to continue to breathe!
  • “Seated Cat & Cows“: Try this easy Yoga. Bring your stomach in and roll your shoulders and pelvis forward in your seat as you arch your back. Now bring your shoulders and pelvis back while bringing your chest forward, creating the opposite curve in your back.
  • Seated Marches: While in a seated position lift one leg and then the other like you are marching.
  • Bicep Curls: Water bottle make great hand held weights. Hold one in each hand with arms press to your sides. Lift the bottles bending only at the elbow.
  • Forward and Lateral Lifts: These can also be done with your water bottles. Starting with arms at your sides lift the bottles forward and up to shoulder level. Do 12 reps. Now do the same thing, only lift your arms out to the side.

3.  Stock you desk drawers –

with healthy snacks so that you aren’t tempted to raid the donut box. Also keep water on hand (you’ll need it for your workout) and avoid the soda machine.

TIP:  Remember, work is important but you are more important!  Make yourself a priority everyday!
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