3..2..1 Happy New Year! Now What?!

Author: Shannon Miller

The New Year is here!

Have you thought about your resolutions yet, or have you given up on those altogether?

Despite what the past has held, your future is looking bright!

If there are changes you want to make in the next year, keep a positive outlook and know that you have what it takes!

Check out some of the most common resolutions and see how it’s possible to stick with them long after the ball drops!  A common theme for each…Think Big, Start Small.

  • If you want to lose weight this New Year, rather than resolving to just “lose weight,” resolve to eat meals while sitting down.  Why, you ask?  Interestingly, if you eat while sitting (rather than standing), you’re more likely to take your time and recognize when your body feels full.*
  • Is exercise on your agenda for 2011?  Great! A good way to keep it on your to-do list is to make it a habit.  Resolve to do some physical activity, like walking, for 5 minutes each day.  Sure, that’s not a long time, but what’s important is that day after day you are making it a priority and sticking to it.*
  • Everyone is pumped when the New Year rings in.  What happens after that though?  For many of us, it’s easy to become complacent.  Let’s beat complacency this year and stay energized!  Resolve to acknowledge 3 things you are grateful for everyday. This is a good way to ward off negative thinking, which can easily drain your energy.*
TIP:  Challenge yourself this New Year to make changes and to stick to them through out the year!  Remember, every journey starts with a single step!

What healthy resolutions have you made for this year?  Share your comments with us, and you may encourage others.

*Karen Asp., “Healthy Resolutions You’ll Keep”,  Woman’sDay,  22 Dec 2010

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