Be Alert, Stay Alive! Parking Lot Safety

Author: Shannon Miller

Parking lot safety.

All across the nation parking lots are high crime areas. We are especially vulnerable because we tend to be focused on other things, so stay aware and alert.

Parking lot safety.Have you ever been walking out to your car after an afternoon out at the mall? You have your hands full, on your cell phone, digging in your extremely fashionable but “can’t find anything in it” handbag. Continuing our series on self defense, I am excited to share some safety tips from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department that can keep you safe.

Before you go into the store:

  • Don’t leave your purse or wallet in plain view.
  • Make sure your keys aren’t hanging in the ignition.


When you leave the store:

  • Ask a Store Associate to assist you to your vehicle and make sure to lock all doors.
  • Have your keys in hand BEFORE you leave the store.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and possessions.
  • Check under your vehicle before approaching.
  • Put away all packages before securing children and passengers in the vehicle.
  • Make sure your car doors are closed and locked before you go into the store and when you are leaving.

Remember that just being inside your car does not give you ironclad protection. Be ready to use the horn and the lights should you need to draw attention or signal help. Stomp your brakes and rev the engine, anything to cause a commotion.

TIP: The more noise you make and the more attention you attract the quicker the criminal will abandon you for easier prey.

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