Keep Safe While Out And About

Author: Shannon Miller

Women walking safely together.

All across the country women are walking, running and biking their way to a healthy lifestyle. We want to make sure that we keep safe while doing these activities. There are a few things we need to remember when we are out and about running errands or exercising.

The following tips, from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office are offered through their Common Sense Self Defense course. Check with your local Sheriff’s office to see if they have free self defense courses you can sign up for. I made it a girls night out with a bunch of my friends. We learned a lot and continue to remind each other of the safety tips we were taught.

  1. Avoid walking alone on the street, especially at night. Finding an exercise buddy not only keeps you motivated to workout but can also keep you safe.
  2. Trust you gut. If you feel uncomfortable with someone walking down the street, cross the street or walk in a different direction. If you see other people near by ask if you can walk part way with them.
  3. It’s safer to walk near the curb and away from buildings, trees and shrubbery which can hide potential assailants.
  4. Carry pepper spray or “weapons” such as keys or other objects in your HAND not in your purse or a pocket. You won’t have time to search for it if you are attacked. Also, make sure you know how to use it, test your pepper spray and practice carrying your ignition key (the largest one) in a way that will be easy to use.
  5. Have your keys in hand if you are walking to your car or home. Do not stand fumbling for your keys in a doorway, have them ready.

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