I’m On A Diet…Pass The Chocolate Cake!

Author: Shannon Miller

Slice of chocolate layer cake - OK in a balanced lifestyle.

That’s right, you can eat healthy and enjoy your chocolate cake, too!

Stop feeling guilty and focus on a well-rounded diet and eating everything in moderation.

What makes a child scream for treats? The fact that it’s a no-no. It’s the same with us. You can apply the same concept to many fad diets.  If you go on a no carb diet, what’s the food item you are going to want the most?  That’s right – anything with carbs!  My hard-learned philosophy on staying healthy is to keep everything in balance. Have a brownie; just don’t eat the entire pan.

You have to enjoy life and enjoy food.  If you start making certain foods or food categories “off limits” you may deprive yourself of nutrients you need.  And you will almost surely crave what you cannot have, which leads to overeating.  So, don’t hesitate to reach for desert…just remember portion size.

Another important thing to remember when trying to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle is exercise.

Just like with eating, the exercise part of your healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable too.  Try to find a type of exercise that you enjoy; this way, you are more likely to continue doing it.  If you’re interested in being out doors focus on outdoor activities like hiking, biking and running. If you like the gym sign up for classes like yoga or kickboxing. And if you’ve caught the dancing bug take a ballroom class or any gym class that combines dance with toning.

Whereas forbidding certain types of foods makes you want them more, forcing yourself to engage in a certain type of exercise that you don’t enjoy will only make you want to do it less.  If you’re interested in seeing which types of exercise best match your personality, see the article “Do you avoid exercise or embrace it?” from the Fitness section of shannonmillerlifestyle.com.

TIP:  Work toward your healthy and balanced lifestyle by creating reachable goals. Remember, a healthy and balanced lifestyle is attainable!
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