Introducing SML Intern Favs!

Author: Shannon Miller

Hello, lovely ladies!

It’s Lauren, the intern, here at Shannon Miller Lifestyle to tell you all about the newest product line that I am la-la-loving : LA Fresh.

One of the cool things about being the intern is getting to be the guinea pig with new ideas and stuff. This is definitely one of them. LA Fresh is an eco-friendly beauty line free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, glycols, triclosan, phthalates, PEGs, acetone, dyes, artificial fragrances & animal by-products. (*whew*) They’re tested on humans (aka interns) and cruelty-free. With individually packaged wipes, you don’t have to worry about goopy messes any more. Check ‘em out!

Oil-Free Facial Cleansers

Oil-Free Facial Cleanser

Ok, this stuff works. I have sensitive skin, so I opted to try the fragrance-free version, but how much easier can this get for lazy ladies like me? You take it out, wipe your skin down, NO rinsing, then throw it away. Gets rid of make-up and is gentle enough when removing the gunk.

Before and After using Oil-Free Facial Cleanser

Instant Body SootherInstant Body Soother

A luscious blend of six oils, it instantly blew my mind with how good it smelled. With Christmas around the corner, who doesn’t love the smell of peppermint to take you away to a winter wonderland…aka no stress. This pad is designed to be used on the temples, neck, or anywhere you have fatigue or tension and the cooling sensation brings bliss.

Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

No acetone, no results? Wrong! This one pad cleans and conditions all 10 of your nails without falling apart. Did I mention as soon as you open the package, you’re immersed in an yummy scented orange grove? No stench, only deliciousness!

Waterproof Makeup Remover

Waterproof Makeup Remover

Dissolving hard-to-get-off makeup? Check. Super moisturizing? Check. No need to rinse? Check. A couple swipes and ALL of my waterproof makeup was gone allowing me to walk around the building scaring the employees with my makeup-less face…

Before and After using LA Fresh Makeup Remover

Healthy Hand Sanitizer

Healthy Hand Sanitizer

Forget the days of digging through your bag in search of your hand sanitizer only to find the cap open and globs all over your new leather wallet…leaving the smell of alcohol every time you pay for your afternoon latte. Think of AMAZING, fruitiness instead, packaged in a convenient hand wipe that you simply use then throw away!

Healthy Body Soother and Instant Hand Sanitizer

The Body Smoother and Hand Sanitizer because they are the most practical for a working woman on-the-go.

I promise you will use them daily. Not to mention, I can’t stop smiling from how good they smell!  Try the Sampler Pack if you want to try LA Fresh without the commitment and experiment to see which of the products get your “thumbs up”… if you can pick.

Pick up LA Fresh today, use, then throw away! –Lauren

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