Diabetes SUPERfoods!

Author: Shannon Miller

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes kills one American every 3 minutes.

Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes and 5.7 million of those are undiagnosed. (Click here to find out if you could have symptoms of pre-diabetes.)

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, check out these SUPER foods from the American Diabetes Association to include in your diet. If not, these are still SUPER foods that can help you stay fit and healthy!

  • Beans: 1/3 daily requirement of fiber and a ½ cup provides as much protein as an ounce of meat without the saturated fat; also source of magnesium and potassium
  • Dark Green Leafy Veggies: Contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron
  • Citrus Fruits: Contain Fiber and Vitamin C
  • Sweet Potatoes: Contain Vitamin A and fiber
  • Berries: Are packed with antioxidants, Vitamins and fiber
  • Tomatoes: Contain Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin E
  • Fish high in Omega 3’s: Omega 3’s are Beneficial to heart health
  • Whole Grains: Contain magnesium, chromium, omega 3 fatty acids and folate
  • Nuts: Contain magnesium and fiber, walnuts and flax seeds are a source of Omega 3’s and 6’s.  Linoleic acid, the main omega-6 fatty acid found in food, has anti inflammatory properties.  Higher intakes of omega-6 fatty acids may help improve insulin resistance, reduce diabetes risk, and lower blood pressure.
  • Fat Free Milk and Yogurt: Contain Calcium and Vitamin D
TIP:  For more information on diabetes please visit http://www.diabetes.org/
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