Stressed & Tired? 9 Beauty Tips to Help You Look Your Best

Author: Shannon Miller

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9 Beauty Tips to Help You Look Your Best, Even When Stressed & Tired

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Whether the beginning of September marks a new school year (for you or your kids), Fashion Week or just the end of summer, there is something about the passing of Labor Day weekend that leaves all of us a bit overwhelmed and, need we say, over tired. Getting back into the swing of a fall routine or trying to power through the hecticness of car pool schedules (or car service schedules, to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, of course), we trust that many of you are feeling the same way we are right about now: stressed and tired!

Beyond participating in Makeup Free Mondays to give you some added sleep-in time, though, we all need a few time-saving and face-perking tricks to keep us looking well-rested and fresh-faced under even the most stressful of conditions.

Here, some of The Beauty Bean’s top picks for surviving Fashion/Back-to-School/End-of-Summer Week:

 Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Conditioner Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Conditioner ($14.99, ~ Too busy to even think about washing your hair? We know the feeling! And while this lightweight dry conditioner is designed to work hand in hand with the bestselling Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, we have to say that we like it all on its own. Sure, if you suffer from particularly greasy hair the dry shampoo is a great addition, but for those of us just looking to perk up our lackluster locks, the hydrolyzed silk and chamomilla flower extract in this smooth spay will tame and condition for softer, smoother and shiner strands.

Julie Hewett Omit Concealer Pencil.Julie Hewett Omit Concealer Pencil ($16, ~ This multi-use pencil is a pocketbook must-have. Whether stress pops up in the form of an unruly blemish or lack of sleep presents in the form of bloodshot eyes, this pencil will save the day, no matter where redness occurs!

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Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant.Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant ($6.99, ~ With 72-hour protection, this long-lasting anti-perspirant it guaranteed to keep sweat-stains away. And we all know how necessary that is when rocking your newest fall fashions!

 Sula Paint & Peel Duos.Sula Paint & Peel Duos ($9, ~ With both a top coal and nail color in a convenient to-go stick we were already sold. When we were told we could peel off the polish (without damaging our nails!) at the first sign of a chip, we knew we had a winner! Because, really, who has time for nail polish remover anyway?!

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense.La Mer The Eye Balm Intense($145, ~ While certainly a splurge, if there is any body part worthy of a lux treat under stressful conditions, it’s those dull, dark and puffy peepers. Plus, with La Mer’s proprietary silver-tipped applicator, it will cool and stimulate, helping you put your freshest face forward.

Cargo EyeLighter in Gold.Cargo EyeLighter in Gold($20, ~ This dual-tipped brightening stick comes with a shimmery powder on a rounded sponge on one end (for the inner corners of your eyes) and a matte powder on a pointed sponge on the other end (for the outer corners of your eyes) to brighten, awaken and open your eyes, no matter how sleep deprived you may be!

ReBloom Beauty Sleep Drink.ReBloom Beauty Sleep Drink ($27.95 for 7, ~ There’s nothing worse than finally having a chance to sleep and not being able to fall into a deep slumber. Luckily, reBloom has you covered, in more ways that one! Not only will it help lull you to sleep better than any lullaby ever could, but also, without any drugs, preservative, sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors, this clinically proven beauty sleep shot won’t leave you groggy the next day.

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 Miss Oops Rescue Sponge.Miss Oops Rescue Sponge ($10, ~ When you’re pressed for time and every minute counts, having to change your outfit (after finally finding something you like) because of a deodorant or powder mark just isn’t an option and, thankfully, with these convenient deodorant erasers, it doesn’t have to be. Trust us, they really work!

 Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($24, ~ The first step in eliminating under-eye circles is to ensure that all remnants of last night’s makeup are gone! This crystal-clear gel does the trick by gently removing makeup from eyelids and lashes (without leaving any sticky residue) while simultaneously washing your lashes in vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives to strengthen lashes and prevent loss!

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