The Reality Of Menopause

Author: Shannon Miller

If you look up menopause in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you will find the following: the natural cessation of menstruation that usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55.

Ironically, what you won’t find is anything referring to an overbearing woman with a frightened husband!

What you also won’t find in this definition is the variety of things that menopause means to women all over the world.  For example, some women see menopause as an indication that they are getting older and that their childrearing days have come to an end.1 Other women view menopause in a somewhat brighter light in recognizing and acknowledging the advantages: no more periods or worrying about birth control.1

The results of a survey administered by the North American Menopause Association revealed that women want to be more informed about menopause, but that a lot of their information comes from popular magazines rather than from their physicians.1 On that note, get a jumpstart on gathering information about menopause by checking out some key facts below: 2

  • Menopausal women may experience moodiness or mood swings, which are associated with hormonal changes. It’s important to note that this is not paramount to the psychological distress associated with depression.  


  • Many menopausal women experience symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Although these symptoms can be identified as common, it is important to remember that every woman is different and therefore may be affected by menopause uniquely.
  • Many women enjoy sex more after menopause. This is the case for many women because worrying about pregnancy is taken away after menopause.  It is also the case because a certain degree of confidence can be attained after menopause – after such a high level of maturity has been achieved. 

Being informed about natural life processes, such as menopause, may help make the experience more bearable.  Remember; seek out credible sources, like your physician.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask your physician about menopause and, remember, it’s never too early to start inquiring.

TIP:  People fear that which they don’t understand.  If you are concerned or confused, ASK!
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