What’s On Your To Do List?

Author: Shannon Miller

Working mothers have To Do lists about a mile long. I know this first hand.

Between getting the kids ready for school, getting yourself ready for work, spending the day at work, and then playing taxi driver and cooking dinner in the evening, the day seems to slip through the cracks of our busy lives.

Is it possible to find stillness amidst the chaos?  It certainly is possible, and more importantly – it is to our benefit to do so.

Stress and anxiety are bi-products of the busy, productive lives that we lead.

A study investigating the relationship between exercise and anxiety sensitivity, or the extent to which one is fearful of stress, provided support for the notion that anxiety sensitivity can be effectively treated with exercise.* If something as simple as exercise can curb the effects of anxiety sensitivity, we should consider ourselves quite fortunate.  The issue then lies in finding time to exercise – adding exercise to our To Do lists!

Shannon Miller Stretching To-Go book.One type of exercise that is relatively simple to fit into a hectic day is stretching.

Stretching can be done anytime, anywhere, whether you sit at a computer for much of the day or you are out and about running errands. My Stretching To-Go books are small enough to fit in your purse, but they are abundant in information; numerous stretches are suggested for the upper body, the core, and the lower body.  You will find that having these stretches on hand will help with stress, posture and energy throughout the day.

*J. Wayne Miller, Ph.D., A.C. Berry, M.A., D. Rosenfield, Ph.D., M.B. Powers, Ph.D., E. Behar, Ph.D., M.W. Otto, Ph.D., “Reducing Anxiety Sensitivity With Exercise,” Depression And Anxiety 23 Aug.  2008: 689-699.

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