When To Call It Quits?

Author: Shannon Miller

We’re now at several weeks into the New Year.

We said goodbye to 2010, welcomed 2011, and probably made some resolutions somewhere in between.  One popular and difficult, but very honorable resolution is giving up smoking. It was once said that “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”  One situation in which quitters do win is when someone quits smoking.

You quit the unhealthy habit and win a healthier lifestyle.  Making a life choice like giving up smoking is hard work, but like most things in life that are hard work, it’s worth it in the end!

Consider the following advice from the American Cancer Society for sticking to your decision to nix the cigarettes:

  • When you first quit, try to spend a lot of time in public places where smoking is prohibited (i.e. malls, theaters, restaurants without bars).
  • Try to stay away from drinks that you associate with smoking, like alcohol and coffee. Try water and low calorie juices instead.
  • If you miss having something in your hand or mouth, use replacement objects like a pencil or a coin (for your hand) – a toothpick or a straw (for your mouth).
  • There will be times where you feel like you need a cigarette, so be prepared.  Try to keep a picture of someone you love handy, so you can focus on that in these times, rather than on your craving for a cigarette.
  • Try to eat 4 to 6 small meals each day. This will aid in keeping your blood sugar levels and your energy level balanced.  It will also give you something to do with your hands and mouth through out the day!  Avoid sugary or spicy foods that may make you crave a cigarette.
  • After you quit, you may find that you have some pent-up energy.  Don’t waste it! Put this energy into being active, which in turn could keep you from gaining weight.  Take up a sport, join a gym, do some work around your house – just put that energy to use!

For more helpful hints:

TIP:  Remember, you are in control and you are capable of quitting!
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