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Author: Shannon Miller

The goal of SML is to inform, inspire and transform women’s lives through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Communication is critical to success whether it’s our family, our work or our health. Each week you will find my thoughts on products and ideas I have found useful, articles on topics that I find relevant, along with some specific tips to get you in shape and feeling great! We have new and exciting plans for Shannon Miller Lifestyle, so make this a daily visit, and together we can get informed, stay fit and live healthy!

After retiring from Olympic competition I battled weight and confidence issues. During gymnastics I knew exactly how to fuel my body for success. I knew exactly how much training I needed, down to the minute. I made sleep a priority and maintained a perfectly balanced schedule that kept me at the top of my game. Then….I retired.

I went from the gold medal podium in front of the world to sitting on my couch eating potato chips and watching TV……a lot of TV….a lot of chips. These bad habits did not form through the sport of gymnastics; rather, they formed through the lack of gymnastics and therefore the lack of structure in my life. All of a sudden I had an extra 40 plus hours a week and simply didn’t know how to fill the time.

I grew 4 dress sizes in the blink of an eye. I was embarrassed and felt that I had let people down. It took me years to realize that this wasn’t just about a number on a scale or squeezing into my jeans. Women must make health and fitness a priority, not only because when we do we look and feel great, but also so that we can be there for our family and friends when they need us most.

I encourage you to open the lines of communication. Talk to your mom, your sisters and your friends. Make sure that every woman in your life knows how important it is that they get fit and healthy. It is not selfish to take the time to make your health a priority!

Information provided on SML will cover a range of topics. My goal is to educate by offering differing opinions and styles. The most important thing I’ve learned from the many women I’ve spoken to, laughed alongside and cried with is that you have to find what works for you. This is all about creating a healthy lifestyle and that means something you can live with day in and day out.

Don’t give up. We can do this. Women are amazing and we will do this together!

We want to hear from you. If you have questions, comments or want to share your story please contact us at Shannon Miller Lifestyle.

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