Be A Healthy Role Model

Author: Shannon Miller

As parent’s we are the most important influence on our children.

As I am quickly learning, kids do what we do, not necessarily what we tell them to do. Last Saturday I was joined by St. Vincent’s HealthCare expert, Cecilia Hennig, a registered dietitian and licensed and certified diabetes educator. She shared with us some ways that we can set a good example for our children.

1) Lead by example

Let your kids see you snacking on fruits, veggies and whole grain snacks. They’ll want to eat what you’re eating.

2) Get creative in the kitchen

Make food fun by cutting it into fun shapes. You can invent new snacks or create your own “munch mix” by combining dry fruit and nuts.

3) Limit screen time

No more than 2 hours of television a day as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you have to watch,  do “commercial workouts” where you get up and do jumping jacks, dance or stretch during commercial breaks.

4) Food doesn’t have to be the reward

Offering sweets as rewards can give kids the idea that  sweets are better than other foods. Choose hugs and kisses over candy and cookies.

Family keeping active.5) Encourage physical activity

Walk,  run or crank up the music and throw a dance party! Show your kids how much fun physical activity can be. Get physical and involve the whole family.

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