Become a Rockstar Mom!

Author: Shannon Miller

I recently caught up with, Kelli Osborne, Small Businesswomen of the Year and a true leader and authority in the Life Coaching industry.

She is the founder of Kelli Osborne Image & Events, LLC, a Life Coaching Firm specializing in all areas of life coaching. Kelli helps all of us moms to be  a “Rockstar Mom” by teaching us how to balance, family and career and still maintain a heart for making others happy.

I asked Kelli to share with us the steps we can all take to become a Rockstar Mom!

PASSION is the key word, finding what your passion is and how you can use that passion to design a life you love is the first step in becoming a “Rockstar Mom”

Here are 5 steps to finding that passion and begin living it:

1.  Determine your passion: what is it that makes your heart beat fast, gives you goosebumps, something you look forward to doing.

2.  How can I put that passion to work for me, who can I help today by using my passion.

3.  What keeps me from screaming from the rooftops about what I am doing, what keeps me stuck where I am? Why am I afraid?

4. What risk do you want to avoid at all costs? And what would happen if you risked it?

5.  Start asking for what you want.

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