Child Safety

Author: Shannon Miller

Group of happy elementary kids - child safety.

10 Ways to Protect Your Child from Strangers

Tell your child:

  1. Strangers are people you don’t know well. Even if they seem nice, they may try to hurt you.
  2. Don’t talk to strangers – even if they offer you candy, money, gifts, rides or know your name.
  3. If a stranger asks for help finding something or carrying something, say NO, get away quickly and tell a grown-up you trust.
  4. Stay away from dark and deserted areas.
  5. Always play and walk with a buddy
  6. If a stranger follows you or tries to grab you, yell “Help!” as loudly as you can and run to a well-lit place where other people are around.
  7. Don’t answer the door for anyone if you’re home alone. Call 911 if someone tries to get in.
  8. If you’re home alone and someone calls, say your parents are busy, and take a message.
  9. If you get lost in a store, find a security guard or a store employee – someone behind the counter – and say you’re lost. Then stay where you are.
  10. Make sure you always tell me where you are, whom you are with and when you’ll be home.

Courtesy Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

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