Easing Your Child’s Fear of Getting a Shot

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Do you have a child that is absolutely terrified of getting a shot?  (who isn’t?)

As a parent you too can become anxious and stressed just thinking about having to take your son or daughter to do it.

You can change things! Your approach to taking your child to get a shot can make all the difference in how they respond when that time comes. Planning ahead can help you to better manage those fears and make for a much calmer and manageable visit to get that dreaded shot.

Let’s take a look a some ways that you can help your child cope with getting shots.

Stay calm-Parents is is so important that your child can sense calmness in you. “The attitude of a parent certainly can increase the anxiety level.” says Zak Zarbock, MD, a pediatrician in private practice with Families First Pediatrics in South Jordan, Utah.

Talk about it-No surprises needed or wanted here! Dr. Zarbock advises an age-appropriate, straightforward approach that lets them know they are going to the doctor and why.

Make an early appointment– This can help afterwards as your child can be more active in the afternoon.

Offer a little something sweet-Those lollipops can serve as a very good distraction and keep your child’s attention away from getting a shot. Be careful about the treats you select — even a distracted child will cry, so avoid foods or drinks that he could choke on.

Bring along some moral support-Bring along a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, something of comfort that your child enjoys.

Get as many as you can in one appointment-Getting all the needed shots in one appointment (if possible). This is less stressful than going back once or twice more. Vaccines are on an age set schedule. So check with your doctor on the appropriate scheduling.

 Something fun to do– This can be a great motivation for your child to get their shots without a lot of tears. Talk about something fun that you can do after the shots. Start talking about it  before, even during the shot to try and keep your child distracted.

A good laugh is a great distraction- Kids like funny stuff, try telling a funny story or joke.

Turn on the music-Bring some of your child’s favorite music or songs on an iPod or cell phone.

TIP:  Early preparation and knowing what helps your child stay calm are keys to helping them get their shots without a lot of fears and tears.

Source:  “10 Tips to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Shots”, everydayhealth.com/kids-health

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