Keep Your Munchkins Close Even When You’re “On The Go”

Author: Shannon Miller

Little boy connecting with his Mom on computer.

As much as we’d like to be with our children 24/7 it’s simply not possible.

Mom’s have a million things going on between work, family and everything else.

The challenge is staying connected with our children, when we can’t be present at all times.  The good news is that it is possible to stay connected, especially considering all that modern technology has to offer.

In an article posted on, Patty Onderko reviews some suggestions by psychologist Ann Dunnewold, Ph.D., author of Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box.1

Keep your munchkins close with these great tips:

  • You may have never thought that your recorded voice could be worth so much!  But it certainly means a lot to your children.  Record yourself reading a book or singing a song.  This way your child can listen to you “on demand!”
  • Use Skype (i.e. video chat) so your child can not only hear your voice, but also see your face!  This may take some getting used to for younger children, but it could potentially pose as a great comfort.  Another option is to create videos of yourself that your child can watch on the television or the computer when they are in need of some quality mommy time!
  • Hearing and seeing are not the only ways your child can connect with you.  Another idea is to leave a piece of your clothing at home that your child can identify as feeling or smelling like you.
  • Relax, Mom! According to Dunnewold, the bond that you share with your child is so strong that even the slightest reminder of it can be very comforting to your little one.
TIP:  Try these techniques out and see which ones work best for your family!  We should consider ourselves fortunate that staying connected and “plugged in” is such a staple of our society today – this certainly can come in handy when it really matters!


Onderko, Patty, “How to Stay Connected to Your Kid When You’re Not Home.”,, 12 Nov 2010.


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