Keeping Your Little Ones Active

Author: Shannon Miller

Long gone are the days that kids get home from school and play outside until the dinner bell rings.

Today, many kids are coming home to their latest and greatest technological devices.  More and more, kids have their own computers, televisions, and cell phones.  Of course, these technological advances come with great advantages.  Of course, just like their parents, balance is the key for kids!

How do we encourage our children’s interest in educational computer games, while also keeping them active outside of the house? Staying active is important for all children.  The great thing is – there are so many fun activities for kids to engage in that they already love; in this way, getting kids to stay active and healthy can be a fairly simple task!


  • It’s a jungle out there! Encourage your kids to play with that jungle gymin your backyard that you spent so much money on.  Ride bikes up to the neighborhood playground as a family and spend time being active together.
    • Give those legs and tummy a work out by using the swings.
    • Older siblings get a work out by pushing their younger siblings.
    • Work out those biceps by “monkeying around” on the monkey bars.
  • Back to the classics. Some activities are timeless. Join the fun!
    • Kickball
    • Hide-and-go-seek
    • Tag
    • Roller-skating (rollerblading)
  • Weather dependent activities. Have your kids take advantage of the weather that they live in; whether it be sunshine or snow, these are the types of activities that are sure to be a fun workout and make for lasting memories!
    • Sledding
    • Ice-skating
    • Swimming
    • Water skiing/wakeboarding
TIP:  Remember, your children follow your lead.  If you show them that fitness is important and can also be fun, they’re likely to carry this with them throughout life.
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