Start Your Kid’s Day off Right

Author: Shannon Miller

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

We were told this as children and probably now tell our children the same thing, but does that mean that we make it a priority in our household every morning?  If your answer is no, you’re not the only one.

Anyone, including a youngster, is probably more likely to stick with a change if they know how they are benefiting from it, and breakfast has many great benefits:*

  • Breakfast eaters are more likely to get their daily required amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as fiber, Vitamin C, calcium, and folic acid.
  • Eating breakfast regularly aids in establishing a normal eating pattern, which is important when it comes to healthy weight maintenance.
  • When kids are in school, they can’t eat lunch until a set time.  If their stomach is grumbling all morning, it will be harder for them to concentrate in class!  Breakfast allows kids to fuel up and be prepared for their day!

Make breakfast something to look forward to.  Check out some creative breakfast treats that your child can enjoy before heading to school!

  • Banana dog: peanut butter, a banana, and raisins in a long whole-grain bun**
  • Fruit (your kid’s favorite fresh fruit) and cream cheese sandwich**
  • A grilled cheese or PB&J…they aren’t just for lunch anymore!**
  • Breakfast taco: a tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese, and salsa
  • A smoothie made from your child’s favorite fruit
TIP:  Make breakfast a part of your family’s daily routine, so everyone is set up for successful day!

* E. Lesperance,  “5 Important Reasons Your Child Should Eat Breakfast”,  The Diet Channel,  6 Jan 2011.

** “Ready, Set, Breakfast”,  Kids Health,  6 Jan 2011.

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