Swimming Lessons For Your Child….And You!

Author: Shannon Miller

A child enjoying swimming lessons with Mom.

I took Rocco (8 months old) for his first swimming class last week and it was so much fun. I was definitely more nervous than him.

I asked instructor Joanie Maskell (owner of Swimming Safari) if my child was the only one who enjoyed licking the water!

He enjoyed going under water and loved the music and toys. Along with getting him excited about the water, it was also nice to get a bit of exercise for me and even more bonding time with my son.

Swimming lessons are a great way to teach your child safety in and around the water while enjoying time together.

It’s a perfect time to do some socializing for you and your child. Many classes weave in music, toys and other fun activities to keep you and your little one entertained. However, the most important part of these classes is keeping your child safe while in and around water.

Joanie Maskell, Owner of Swimming Safari in Jacksonville, Florida talks about her program.

These foundational classes focus on a positive learning experience leading to harmony and safety in the water. Parents and babies participate in: water exploration, breath control, water movement and safety skills in a fun and loving atmosphere with songs, games and colorful toys.

Starting with water orientation and floating skills, babies will gradually move on to gentle underwater submersions and roll-overs from their tummies into a survival float on their back. Both parents are welcome to participate in the 30 minute class. A great beginning to loving the water for life!

We want our students to be safe, happy and confident in the water. Parents need to know that

  • Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children ages 1-4 in Florida.
  • 75% of victims are ages 12-25 months old.
  • 65% drown in the family pool.
  • 33% drown in a neighbor’s or relative’s pool.
  • For every child that drowns, 4 are hospitalized for near death drowning.

Courtesy Joanie Maskell, Owner Swimming Safari, Jacksonville, Florida

TIP:  For swimming lessons in your area check with area groups such as the YMCA, certified ISR instructors and other reputable swim clubs. Check credentials, like those of Swimming Safari, such as US Swim School Association, National Drowning Prevention Alliance and the World Aquatics Babies and Children Congress.
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