Healthy Babies Start Here

Author: Shannon Miller

Pregnant lady with fresh fruits and vegetables.

This Sunday we had wonderful guests on the Shannon Miller Lifestyle radio show talking about the infant mortality rate and how we can help as individuals and as a community to keep our babies healthy.

Thank you to Dr. Jonathan E. Schwartz (Chairman of Pediatrics at St. Luke’s Hospital), Carol Brady (NE Florida Healthy Start Coalition) and Eugene Monroe (Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle and Ambassador of Healthy Start) for joining us for such an important topic.

As a new mom, I am incredibly interested in all things baby! It’s important to remember that during pregnancy the things we do, and those around us do, can make a big difference in the safety of our children. Take the first step by reading the tips below. Send them to your friends and family and help your community reduce the rate of infant mortality.

The mission of Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Inc. is to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of children, childbearing women and families in northeast Florida. Check out their tips for a healthy baby.

“Healthy Starter” Tips

  • Visit a doctor once a year.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise at least 3 hours a week.
  • Take a multivitamin daily.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
  • Get annual screenings and exams.
  • Know your family health history.
  • Avoid risky behaviors.
  • Plan pregnancies two years apart.
  • Learn infant and childcare practices.
Another good TIP: Learn how to “make a noise, make a difference”, and prevent infant mortality at or 904.723.5422.
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