Rallying The Troops: Exercising As A Family

Author: Shannon Miller

A family going out for a bicycle ride.

If families are anything today, they’re busy!

Everyone has their own activities to tend to, but coming together as a family has clear benefits – and coming together to do some physical activity is additionally rewarding.  Exercising on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to fight obesity and to promote children to lead healthy lives. There are many ways that families can have fun and engage in physical activity together, despite having children of varying ages.

Consider these 6 ways to make fitness a part of your family’s regular agenda:

  1. Have a sports game night. Your backyard isn’t just for cooking out – play kickball, tag, football, baseball, or make up a game that is unique to your family.
  2. Take a walk on the wild side! Go on a nature walk as a family.  Or if you live close to the beach or some other body of water, you could pack up the family and head out for an evening of walking amongst the waves.
  3. Bike together! Biking is great exercise and something that the entire family can enjoy.  Now that scorching temperatures are starting to break a little, bike rides may be a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon or pose as a nice midweek stress reliever (from school and work).
  4. Kids having fun and getting exercise playing Wii.Video games aren’t just for working out your thumbs anymore. On a rainy day, stay active by playing interactive video games, such as Wii Sports, with your children.
  5. Sign yourself and your children up for organized runs within your community. Registration for the Shannon Miller Lifestyle Women’s 5K and Children’s Fun Run opens November 1st.
  6. Look into programs offered by your children’s school.  The Shannon Miller Foundation Running Club is in place at many schools in the Jacksonville area.  Find out more about it by contacting SMF Executive Director Jackie Culver at Jackie@shannonmillerlifestyle.com or visit http://www.shannonmillerfoundation.com and make it a part of your child’s school.
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