How Can I Slim My Waistline Quickly?

Author: Shannon Miller

Question: How can I slim my waistline quickly?


It’s important to work you entire core in order to slim your waistline. These are the areas you want to focus when working your core:

1. Rectus Abdonminis – This is your “six pack” which is made up of your upper and lower abdominals. Don’t forget to work both.

2. Oblique’s – These muscles twist your body at the waist and straighten your torso when it’s bent to the side. Your oblique’s are important for many sports and activities that involve twisting, like golf and tennis.

3. Spinal Erectors – These are the muscles in your lower back that straighten your body when it’s bent forward at the waist. You want to strengthen these muscles to protect your spine.


  • Shoot for 10-20 repetitions of most exercises. If you are not feeling anything, opt for more. If you cannot finish with good form, cut back a little. It is more beneficial to do strong, controlled movements with appropriate form than to blaze through 25 repetitions. Check out some of my favorite abs moves in this article.
  • Go slow and use a full range of motion. Control each movement on the way in and out of each exercise. Many times the biggest benefit is gained from the resistance on the way out of a move.
  • Kick it into gear and avoid lingering between exercises. Try not to rest more than 5-10 seconds before proceeding to your next move.


  • It’s common to find yourself holding your breath. Remember to breathe throughout each move.


  • Proper alignment is critical to a safe and effective workout. Work hard to concentrate on proper alignment during each move. Do exercises in front of a mirror to help you get started on the right track. If something hurts, stop immediately.
  • “Holds” should be approximately 2 seconds.


You can tighten your abs with exercises but your won’t truly reduce your mid section without proper diet and a bit of cardio. The easiest way to lose weight is to watch your portion size. Try eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day to keep your energy up.

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