Shannon Miller Foundation Advocates for Healthy Families Against Childhood Obesity

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

World Class Athlete Shannon Miller along with her own Shannon Miller Foundation and n’Play, is bringing more childhood obesity awareness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of our children in the United States are now overweight or obese.

The CDC keeps track because the ever-rising rate of childhood obesity also correlates to the ever-rising rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even joint and bone injury. In the long term, as a child grows, he is far more likely to die from these problems at an early age. The long term impact on health and health care is staggering.

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition is working with Partners in Action, a faith-based organization that helps children in need worldwide, to develop and implement programs for better nutrition and better exercise programming. These include school programs, church programs, extracurricular clubs, and community groups. With all of this education and all of these avenues for planning and programming, Shannon Miller and these partners would like to see a change in the physical condition of overweight and obese children, for the good of their future.

A really exciting new section of the Shannon Miller Foundation is that Miller has partnered with n’Play, a fantastic organization boasting 37 incredible athletes in partnership, developing programming for physical activity and play for kids. Their entire goal is to get kids moving for an hour every day, whether it be in an organized sport or an individual activity.

Also make sure you participate in JAMmin’ Across America and JAM World Record 2012!  Schools and kids want EVERYONE to pause for just a minute, wherever you are, on September 27 around 10:00 your time to do the national JAM routine and count in their World Record.  Sign up to be counted and help rally your state to win the national title.

Here’s our “60 Seconds of Fitness!”

To help more, see the Shannon Miller Foundation page.  Together, we can educate our children and provide them with the tools to get healthy and stay healthy.

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