Benefits of B-12 Injections

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Vitamin B12 Injections

It seems like more and more women are getting B-12 shots and realizing the many benefits.

So it prompted us to do some research and discovered there were many more health benefits associated with Vitamin B-12 injections than we ever knew.

A Sublingual B-12 Report cited the following benefits:

  1. B12 increases metabolism– This is something most woman really desire to have. An increased metabolism can also have the side effect of weight loss! With regular B12 shots and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster and they attribute it to the shot.
  2. B12 is a great energy booster, especially when it is delivered directly into the blood stream. You can take take a supplement, but they take quite a while to get in the digestive process and you may lose some the the value of the B-12.
  3. B12 shot helps you retain almost all the B12 – none of it gets lost in the digestive process. A shot will lose very little, if any.
  4. B12 shots are mood boosters as well. B12 is essential for a properly functioning central nervous system – we know that dysfunction can lead to depression. If you suffer from mild depression once in a while, you can try a B12 shot as a mood booster.
  5. B12 is essential for a properly functioning cardiovascular system. It thins the blood and prevents blood stickiness. Blood cells sticking together is what leads to a blood clot which can cause a stroke.

Everyone’s physical and emotional situation is different, so not everyone who gets a B-12 injection may respond the same way.

Be sure to consult with your physician before getting a B-12 shot to see if it is something that could be beneficial for you.



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