Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #3!

Author: Shannon Miller

Who doesn’t want to rev up their metabolism and burn fat more efficiently?

Tip #3 from Susan Smith Jones, author of The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health gives us some great tips to get our metabolism going!

Weight Loss Tip #3:  Lift weights for faster metabolism

You don’t have to look like Ah-nold to benefit from lifting. Weights not only tone you up and make it easier to slip into your favorite jeans, they also help you build muscle, which burns more calories at rest than fat. So, up to 12 hours after your last weight lifting session, you’ll be burning more calories as you sit, walk and go about your day, making your engine more efficient and easier for you to maintain your weight.

Women need to be particularly attuned to the benefits of weight lifting, as most women lose a pound of muscle each year starting at age 35. This means that women who don’t lift weights, yet continue to eat the same way they did before age 35, will begin to put on weight, even though their food intake has remained unchanged.

Make two 30-minute strength-training sessions per week your goal.

Remember, “weightless” alternatives where you use your own body weight for the workout still count!

  • Yoga,
  • Pilates,
  • use of resistance bands

are great ways to tone up without lifting a barbell.

TIP:  To burn an extra 500 calories a day, add ten pounds of muscle and watch the fat melt away.

One of the few advantages of being overweight is that your muscles are already strong enough to haul around all those excess pounds. Strength training will help you preserve those strong muscles and help remove fat tissues from the muscles so you can boost your metabolism.

For more on Susan Smith Jones or her new book, The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health, please visit:  www.SusanSmithJones.com

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