Shannon announces, a clothing rental subscription service!

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Shannon Miller announces a new venture;, a clothing rental subscription service, with many of your favorite brands! Life is demanding. Most of us wear so many hats (and outfits) each day we’ve stopped counting.

Shannon shares, “Whether it’s work, play, kids, meetings, a night out, or the million other things we accomplish each day, we want to bring our A game. We want to look good, feel good and be prepared…for anything.”

And, yes, part of that is dressing for the occasion. But we don’t need to break the bank to do it.


  • Affordable: Get unlimited box exchanges all month for one low price
  • Convenient: Enjoy free shipping and returns and cancel online anytime (really)
  • Options: Access hundreds of styles on rotation
  • Experimentation: Have fun with the latest styles, colors and trends.
  • Flexibility: Personalize your plan based on your lifestyle.
  • Live with Less: Buy less but wear more! Access unlimited styles without the closet clutter.

Shannon shares  “I love that the allows us to rotate our wardrobe to fit whatever life demands and do it for the fraction of the cost! For less than a pair of jeans, you can get multiple outfits each month! Wear it for as long as you like and return it when you’re finished. A new box will be shipped immediately. Or if you fall in love with a certain item, you can purchase the item for often 80-90% off.”

And unlike other rental services you get items that YOU add to your online closet.

“I’ve had a ball trying new things and the best part for me is, I get to send it back. There’s no clutter, I’m not finding clothes in my closet that I don’t wear anymore. If I don’t like it, it goes back, and they immediately send me another box.”

Check it out at and grab that free trial so you can see how it works!


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