Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #8

Author: Shannon Miller

Take a breath and ask yourself why you are really eating that bag of chips?

Emotional eating is a common issue, particularly with women. We eat when we are happy, when we are sad and when we are bored. Nationally renowned author & speaker, Susan Smith Jones, PhD helps us understand why we do this and how it can affect our health. So step away from the ice cream, put down that chocolate chip cookie and get reading!

Don’t eat under stress:

Stress eating is a major factor in the obesity epidemic. Who isn’t under stress these days? Not only do we eat in some misguided desire to fill up our emptiness or calm the jitters we mistake for hunger pangs, we also eat in response for natural fluctuations in the stress hormone, cortisol, and in our blood sugar.

How many times have you found you’re craving sugar at 4 pm? Or you want a bedtime snack of ice cream or potato chips? Chronic stress elevates blood levels of cortisol, increasing cravings for fattening sweet and salty foods.

Stress eating can also manifest in “stuffing” or eating to control uncomfortable emotions, particularly confrontation or nervous nibbling, really oral fidgeting aimed at relieving nervous energy or giving their mouths something to do, especially in stressful social situations.

SML Tip: If you know you’re an emotional eater, think about putting on your tennis shoes and going for a walk instead of reaching for the chips. Switch your attention to a good book or anything that keeps your hands busy. Knitting and needle point have become very popular for those hoping to alter their behavior!

For more on Susan Smith Jones, PhD, or her new book, The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health, please visit:  www.SusanSmithJones.com

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