Mompreneur piece: Angela Edgeworth, Co-Founder and President of pediped Footwear

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Meet Angela Edgeworth, Co-Founder and President of pediped® Footwear

Angela and her husband Brian founded pediped® footwear when they found there was a need in the infant and toddler shoe market. Today, pediped® is one of the fastest growing children’s shoe brands in the US. They carry three different types of shoes: Originals® (soft soled shoes for children ages birth to 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (soft rubber soled shoes for children 9 months to three years) and Flex® (rubber soled shoes for children 1-8 years).

Shannon Miller Lifestyle: How and when did you form you company?

Angela Edgeworth: The company was formed in 2004, just after my first daughter Caroline was born.  It seems like it was just yesterday.

SML: What makes your products or services different than anyone else’s?

AE: We focus on shoes that are specifically designed to promote healthy foot development for children.  We are proud of the fact that we were one of the first children’s shoe companies to be awarded the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of approval.  Our primary focus has always been comfort, quality and style.

SML: What was the biggest challenge or setback you had when forming it whether it be time-wise, financially, or emotionally?

AE: Starting a company is never easy.  It’s time consuming, takes a lot of capital and can be emotionally draining.  The biggest challenge was getting an unknown brand into the hands of people such as consumers and retailers.  A lot of people told us that this industry was crowded but we didn’t listen.  We felt we had something unique to offer and so we focused on that.

SML: What’s the one piece of advice you wished you had when you got the idea to start your own business?

AE: I think one piece of advice would be to do a lot of research on your industry.  Know your competitors and be prepared to get your hands dirty.  There is no job beneath you.  You have to be willing and able to do it all.

SML: What has your best memory or happiest moment since you started your business venture?

AE: Growing the business with my husband and having my kids involved.  My girls have been in every photo shoot and tried on every pair of shoes.  This is truly a family business and when I look back on those days when Caroline was only 1 years old and I was pregnant with Lauren to present day, I am satisfied by knowing how far we’ve come, and that we did it together, as a family.

SML: Fun Question: What’s one trick you have for getting your kids to do something you want them to do when they don’t want to?

AE: My kids are pretty stubborn, so I have to pick and choose my battles.  Sometimes, I have to simply lay down the law and other times it’s a bit of a bargain.  The kids are smart, and they know when I will be flexible but they also know when they just simply have to do something that they may not want to.  Such is the circle of life so they will have their chance to “be the boss” when they become parents.

SML: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your company or to mom’s that have a great idea and don’t know where to start?

AE: Find a mentor, someone who can help you get started.  It’s really important to have someone who can share their experiences with you, even if the product is not the same, the process can be similar… seek advice and don’t be afraid to ask people for their expertise.

Caroline, Lauren (on top of couch) Phineas (dog) and Angela Edgeworth

Angela, with her daughters Caroline and Lauren, and their dog Phineas.

pediped® can be found online at:



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