Pregnancy Stress-Busters!

Author: Shannon Miller

Pregnancy is one of the most unique and cherished experiences that a woman can go through.

Everything we do can affect our child; what we eat, how much exercise we get, what we breathe and touch. We have to think twice about many of our daily activities.

The experience can be stressful, but it’s important to remind ourselves that we are in control!  To a reasonable extent, we have control over the amount of stress that we endure during pregnancy.

So, whether you are pregnant now or plan to be soon, here are some fantastic ways to reduce stress while you are expecting:

  • Magic hands. Prenatal massage is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety.  Massage can also help with the aches and pains that you feel.  For the first few months after your bundle of joy arrives, you will not likely have the time, so spoil yourself now!  Remember, you can only receive a prenatal massage after the first trimester and should only do so with your doctor’s approval. Look for a therapist that is certified in prenatal massage.
  • At the heart of it. Thirty minutes of cardio most daysis a terrific way to relieve stress and stay fit.  Some of my favorite cardio workouts during pregnancy were:
    • Walking
    • Biking (that is, until your balance makes this difficult or unsafe)
    • Swimming
    • Light weights (i.e. 2 – 3 lbs)
    • Prenatal yoga or pilates.

I loved working out in the comfort of my own home with DVD’s. In fact, I loved it so much that when I couldn’t find many pregnancy DVD’s I decided to film my own! Join me and certified trainer, Jackie Culver, to get a full body workout with my Fit Pregnancy and Body After Baby DVD’s.

TIP:  If we do our best to minimize things like stress during our pregnancy, we can spend more time focusing on the beauty of the experience.  Remember, all women are different; talking with your physician about stress-busting tips is a great way to identify techniques that are unique to you and your pregnancy experience.
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