And the Nesting Begins!

Author: Shannon Miller

Now that the morning sickness has subsided and I have some energy back, I’m into full “nesting” mode figuring out space for the nursery – and space for my office now that I will no longer have one, lol. Rocco is excited to help mommy plan and decorate! Of course, he gets a little shopping of his own and is very excited about his big boy bed (now that little brother or sister will be getting his crib).

I went with very peaceful neutral colors the first go around. We combined this gorgeous “butter” paint with cremes and chocolate browns. A small leather chair for baby boy brought in a touch of masculinity to the “pretty” decor. However, this time I’m thinking bright and fun. Of course, I can’t leave out Rocco. He’s getting a bit of an update since he’ll be shifting rooms as well. He’s decided on a red, white and blue theme for his “big boy” room. We even got him a basket ball hoop for the wall – but it’s a surprise so mum’s the word!

The next big step? We are anxiously awaiting the next ultrasound to find out the baby’s gender! We’re the type that just has to know. Then the baby naming game can begin and I can stop calling the baby…”it”.

I’m also excited to begin inviting a few special guests to participate in my blog. It’ll be nice to hear from some experts on everything from what to bring to the hospital to what to expect (really expect) the first days after the baby arrives. We’ll get a few product reviews from some interesting new baby products and even give you some tips to throwing the best baby shower ever!

Right now, I’m off to work, happy to be on a plane and not using the air sickness bag!

Dare to Dream,


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