Maintain Balance During Pregnancy

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Just ask any Mom; as your belly grows, your balance will start to shift.

Many times, posture begins to shift as well, as we try to compensate for the additional weight in the front of the body. Eventually, you may even lose sight of your feet while standing, which can lead to loss of balance in certain circumstances.

Do you know when your balance is challenged? If certain poses or stances cause a loss of balance, then allow those things to wait until after you have recovered from your pregnancy.

  • Have others reach for objects for you.
  • Don’t stand on a ladder or stool.
  • Try to avoid very high heels or high-soled shoes.

Your doctor will instruct you otherwise, with activities that are safe during pregnancy, which may or may not include your previous activities. Most doctors ask you to avoid balance exercises such as bicycling or white water rafting. You may have to modify your yoga to be more of a prenatal yoga, especially avoiding one-legged balances, arm-balances, or inversions. Shannon Miller’s ‘Fit Pregnancy’ DVD provides a variety of safe exercises to help you keep fit during your pregnancy.

If your place of work or recreation has large stair wells, now is the time when it is OK to opt for the escalator or elevator. If you do need to use the stairs, hold on to the handrail.

Now is also the time that nighttime bathroom breaks will increase. Before jumping out of bed, get your bearings. Turn on to your side and sit up slowly. Put your feet down securely and only stand if you are not dizzy. You may need to use a nightlight during this time to make sure you do not fall or run into something in the night. Also, make sure the path is clear from your bedside to the bathroom.

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