Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

pregnant woman with glass of orange juiceThere is a wealth of information available to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

With so many articles written and so much research done on prenatal health, here are our top tips for a healthy pregnancy, for the good of your baby and for you, the mother.

  • Get enough rest. You will get plenty of sleepless nights soon enough. In the mean time, it’s important to sleep when you need to. Sometimes, pregnancy can seem unusually tiring. In that case, your body is telling you to slow down. Forget the housework for a little while and take a good nap. Optimal sleep for the baby is on your left side. Try to avoid back sleeping, for the blood flow to the baby could be compromised.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water all day. You may feel exceptionally thirsty while pregnant. First, make sure you always have water with your and sip occasionally. Second, if it seems that your thirst is unquenchable or very unusual, tell your doctor. Try to limit your caffeine to 200 mg, or one small cup of coffee, per day.
  • Eat well. Your body and your baby’s body need high quality protein, brain-building fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Ask your doctor if he or she wants to limit or increase a certain nutrient during your pregnancy.
  • Move. Don’t just sit there. The increased blood flow each time you move is good for the baby, and for your body as well.
  • Sit with your feet up. When you do sit down, try sitting with your feet elevated. This keeps the pressure in your ankles down and can decrease swelling.

Which of these tips are you already following in your pregnancy? Do you have another tip that was helpful to you during your pregnancy? Please share.

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