After Prostate Cancer – Dr. Melman

Author: Shannon Miller

After Prostate Cancer

One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime making this the number two killer of men after lung cancer.

Yet for those who are treated successfully,  many are disappointed with life after surgery.  They suffer greater incontinence and less sexual function than they had anticipated.

According to Dr. Melman,  Chair of the Department of Urology at The Albert Einstein School of Medicine, this disappointment can be due to lack of information resulting from a patient’s reluctance to discuss these issues with his doctor and his family. It is not surprising that prostate cancer patients suffer from depression five times more than the general population of older males.

After Prostate Cancer: A What-Comes-Next Guide to a Safe and Informed Recovery is a new book by Dr. Melman and Rosemary Newnham that covers not only the latest data on the disease but also addresses the psychological aspects for the patient and his family.  “Too often the medical community focuses solely on the illness without considering the overall well being of the patient, his family and closest friends,” comments Dr. Melman.

The book takes the patient and his family from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.  Information is attached and I’m happy to send a galley for your review. (The book is available August 3.) I would also be happy to arrange for you to speak to Dr. Melman who can offer advice to patients and their families to help them navigate prostate cancer and post treatment life.

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