Back to Life

Author: Shannon Miller

This past week or so I’ve really begun to return to my normal pace, at least most days. I’ve definitely made some changes. I try to get a little nap or just rest a little in the afternoons. I’ve learned the hard way that I have to be more aware of how I’m feeling. If there is something I want to do that will take a toll physically (traveling with Rocco, a long work day, etc.) I have to balance that with a more restful day.

And while I’m very thankful and very blessed with the outcome of my treatment there seems to be those lingering issues that I’d like to tie up. I tend to want everything completed in one nice little package. Unfortunately that’s not the way our health works, with or without a cancer diagnosis.

While I have the remnants of treatment; the tingling in my hands and feet, lovely scars (strategically placed in areas that the world will never see by physicians who work with women on a daily basis), it’s still a vivid reminder that life is fragile and I must continue to be proactive in the areas that I can like fitness, nutrition and doctor’s visits but most importantly leave all my worries, fears and concerns to the man upstairs.

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